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New products November 2017

We have added some new products to our catalog for you to sample! The new products in stock and on sale. You've just added this product to the cart:Marinierter Lachsfillet 100-350g Go to cart page Continue [...]

HD burger pellets new in catalog

EBFS Starts selling HD Burger Pellets

In co-operation with HD Burger, we are now selling all HD burger pellets. The burgers are available for private clients and businesses. You can find the burgers in our catalog or use this link. The HD burger pellets are made out of 100% real meat (apart from the vegetarian burgers) and are locally produced by Little Austria. At this moment the following burgers are available: Beef Burger Chili Chicken Burger Fish Burger Garlic Pork Burger Ham Burger Indian Curry Chicken Burger Larb Moo Burger Masaman Burger Vegetarian Burger For more information [...]

EBFS and TGM Partner up!

TGM Products now available

EBFS is proud to say that we’ve expanded our inventory with all TGM products. Through our shop you’re now able to order all kinds of sausages, cold cuts, meatloaf and much more. Have a look through our new categories of products: Sausages Air dried Sausage Air dried Meat Bratwurst Cooked Meat Meatloaf All our products come with the lowest price guarantee*, so if you find it somewhere else cheaper, let us know! For any questions or orders contact us here! *Lowest price guarantee ToS